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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 9, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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beautiful. but according to police, around 1:00 a.m., a fight broke out
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between the wedding guests who were staying at the hotel and guests of another wedding. police discovered the 57-year-old uncle of the bride outside of the hotel unconscious from an apparent heart attack. he later died. >> a very close family. extremely. so this was really hard. hard for everybody. we still can't believe it. >> reporter: long time friend, she says she was full of life and just a week before shared how excite hed he was for his niece's wedding day. >> very sad. the way it happened. and also wiz hhis birthday. >> annie mccormack from wpvi reporting. now to your voice, your vote. the surge in the polls for mitt romney. taken right after the debate, the poll find romney swinging ahead of president obama, 49% to 45%. due to new support from romney from women voters who at one
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time strongly favored the president. and romney blasting the obama administration on foreign policy yesterday. during a speech in virginia he claimed the risk of conflict in the middle east is higher now than it was when president obama took office. he urged a more aggressive u.s. role in the syrian civil war. meantime, president obama campaigning on the west coast sounded an urgent note in his appeal to voter. he told supporters in san francisco they must be almost obsessive in getting out the vote. the president and mitt romney returned to the crucial state of ohio later today to campaign in that critical state. first lady michelle obama is sharing a bit what goes on behind the closed dufrz the white house. in a "nightline" interview she told cynthia mcfadden she steers clear of trying to influence her husband's approximately sees instead sticking to causes like fighting childhood obesity. mrs. obama talked about how comfortable the president is around women.
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>> this is one of the things i love about barack, he is so used to having strong women in his life. you know, it's odd. i tell him that this is somehow, you know, god keeping his testosterone in check. because really he is surrounded by women. >> the first lady says she no longer has doubts that they're doing what is best for their family and for the country as well. the search for a missing fifth grader near denver is still coming up police looked for jessica ridgeway. vanished on her way off to school friday a backpack believed to belong to her was found six miles away. hundred of volunteers have been assisting in the search. major change in american religious life. for the first time in history, the u.s. does not have a protestant majority according to a study released overnight. among the reasons, a growing number of american whose say
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they have no preligion. one in five say they do not belong to a religion. interesting peek into the spiritual state of the nation. >> first time dropped below 50%. if you are a nondenominational christian and don't associate yourself as protestant which i would say i am protestant. i go to nondenominational church. you don't fall into the protestant category. christians who are nondenoms, isn't a protestant. >> in an election year, through the political prism. the study fond americans with no religion support, abortion rights and gay marriage at a higher rate than the u.s. public at large and most of the people tend to vote democratic as well. you wonder if the increase in nonreligious folks, identify as nonreligious if that tips any political scale in election year. a slowly evolving thing. but, interesting look into america. >> but a fir tst. >> it is. >> your tuesday forecast. showers in the upper midwest, twin cities, green bay.
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spreading later to chicago and kansas city. morning sprinkle in the northeast. thunderstorms in florida. scattered showers in bay area. >> of 70s, sacramento, albuquerque. 40s, fargo to minneapolis. 60s, kansas sitty to new york. >> here is a story we are simply head over heels for, or the other way around. trying to figure that out. no matter. either way. >> congratulations to 16-year-old miranda ferguson of dallas, texas. set a new guinness world record, 35 consecutive back handsprings. training for her attempt for about a year. >> it took her all the way from one 15 yard line to the other. she battered the old mark by three full handsprings. so, good for her. that's a flipping great world record. >> don't know how she didn't hurl at the end of that. good going. >> she may have. not going to show you that. you may have seen the massive
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unbelievable! unstopables! follow jimmy on for free samples ♪ for you for me come crash into me ♪ crash into me ♪ >> oh. >> train wreck right there. >> cats coming into the studio. >> crash into me from dave matthews band one of the
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greatest band ever. and appropriate also for this next story. showed you sunday's major nascar crash yesterday morning. >> what can it teach everyday drivers like most of us about surviving an accident on the road. here is abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: an epic collision. >> oh! stewart into the middle of the pack and over. >> reporter: 25 cars spinning, flipping. into a smoky mash of rubber and steel. >> huge wreck to end this race. >> reporter: look at it again, closely, fraction of a turn of the wheel by driver tony stewart at 200 miles per hour. his is the car that goes airborne. setting off a chain reaction. watch this one car as it slams into the pileup. now, this is the camera from inside that very car. for stewart, just another day on the track. >> i just screwed up. i take 100% of the blame.
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i was trying to win the race. >> reporter: miraculously no one was hurt. that wasn't the case on friday in sarasota, florida, a chain reaction collision on i-75. mangling cars, jackknifing tractor trailers, injuring dozens. >> looked like a scene out of a nascar wreck. >> reporter: there are a few tips from the pros. >> the biggest thing that you try to do is anticipate a little bit where you might go if something should happen. >> reporter: try to drive in outer lanes of the highway. a quick turn will put you on the shoulder out of the melee. if a crash is inevitable. don't swerve. the front of your car is designed to take the biggest impact. >> you have to constantly be aware of your surroundings. we hit the track with president of the homestead speed way, matt beacher, an old car hand.
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>> whether some one has done something in front of you, next to you, behind you it will change how you react, on the brakes or gas or steering out of a problem. >> reporter: he says it is critical to have an escape plan before you drive no matter what track you are on. matt gutman, abc news, homestead, florida. >> hopefully we don't find ourselves in that unfortunate situation where we have to apply the rules. >> amen. best advice, don't swerve. front designed to take the impact. most people panic. that's advice. interesting piece. >> especially when you see a deer. natural instinct. animal on the road. just run it over. i mean -- >> peta, send your e-mails to paula faris -- >> don't swerve. can make the situation worse. >> me and sarah -- >> "melrose place" a cast reunion all straight ahead.
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welcome back, everybody. time to take a trip back in time to mel roes place. the soap opera based on an apartment complex aired for seven seasons. >> abc's amy robach is married to one of the show's stars, andrew shue and went to a cast get together. take a look. >> reporter: the entertainment weekly photo shoot was look a family reunion for me as andrew introduced me to his old friend. they were all here. matt, kimberly, billy, allison, sydney, jo, jake, jane, and their special guest star, heather locklear, as amanda. >> when i saw this show before i was on it, it, i just went, oh,
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my god that group look sews fun to be with. i want to be on that show. it has been a really special cast. >> how did you feel about being amanda? >> i love her. >> don't worry allison will survive. she is like a rash i can't get rid of. you dishonest, self serving drunk, when i found out i am going to turn it around and cut you open like a rotten piece of fruit. >> i don't remember a single episode. i can see it on tv. i did that. >> do you remember taking off your shirt? >> once or twice. >> i kissed you the most. i liked it the most. >> hey. >> i remember those characters. >> so your favorite plot line was with daphne. >> there was no plot, there was just kissing. >> reporter: the show was a spentoff of beverly hills 90210, young yuppie neighbors in los angeles. >> kids in college, melrose nights. a big party event. >> maybe i had melrose mondays
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at my college dpororm. full disclosure on our second date. i felt it was a little weird. he kind of asked me if i was a billy fan or a jake fan? i had to be honest. i was a jake fan. >> i didn't actually ask her, she just came out and said it. >> reporter: preparing for this interview i discovered a long lost fact. that andrew my husband was cast as billy at the very last minute. someone else was supposed to be billy campbell. >> steven fang was originally cast in the role of billy campbell, what happened. >> they were talking about chemistry between billy and allison. there wasn't enough chemistry. >> you took your shirt off? >> you think they cast me for my abs. >> most have remained busy acting, writing books, and grant just got married. >> i love my wife so much the i am so happy. >> heather, tapped for next scary movie. >> i'm not getting married.
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create an experience so fresh it's unforgettable. you'll remember the days you wear it. downy infusions. welcome back, everybody. this comes from the file maybe if i come back wealthy in another life, there is this place, tavern island, half mile off the coast of connecticut here. and, check out the mansion that they have on this place. actually is for sale. built back in 1900. it has a lap pool, boat house, three beaches, has its own cannon. they call this thing an historic and modern day castle on 3 1/2 achers, six bedroom, whole deal an hour's boat ride from manhattan. all of this can be yours for a paltry $12.9 million. >> that's all. >> need a quick get away, out of manhattan. tavern island. they thought the island got its
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name used in the 1920s during prohibition as a speakeasy, tavern island. just a little get away for those who have a cool $13 million. >> we can have "world news now" parties on the island. >> that would be -- >> cannonball. >> that would be a party, man. whoo! >> let me set the scene. las vegas, guy wins big at the wynn. has a briefcase full of cash. on the way to the airport. forgets it. yeah. anyway this cab driver discovers this after his shift, discovers this large briefcase in between the seats. asks the cabbie is this yours. opens it, $221,000 worth of cash the he reports it to the security company. lo and behold turns out it, tracked this fellow down, claims it was his, he just won big at the wynn. gives him a tip. guess how much. $220 t gave him a tip. >> hope minimum of $10,000, $15,000. >> $2,000.
2:57 am
>> wow. 1%. >> that's cheap. the guy was look a wealthy guy? >> young guy under the age of 30. >> only gave $2,000 of $220,000. >> should be grateful somebody was that honest. and cash. untraceable. >> could have kept that cab going, driven, been gone. >> to the island. >> just talked about. >> bad karma. bad karma, watch out. i like this, this story, out of a high school in germany. they said no more home work. we are done. no more kids. cutting into their time. catch is they actually cutback a year off the high school, because they added study time to the existing grade, means kids are in school until 6:00. no more home work in grade 5 through 9. they're so stressed out, in school all day. cramming the year they sliced off into the three earlier years. in school all the time. no home work in high school. can you imagine what that would be like. >> imagine what your dating life
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would have been. two dates to
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this morning on "world news now" -- a public denial. hours before he learns whether he will spend the rest of his life behind bars, jerry sandusky speaks out. >> the former penn state assistant coach still says he didn't do it. it is tuesday, october 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good tuesday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. sandusky released an audio tape on which he not only maintains his innocence he points the finger at his victims, the media, everyone else involved. >> he paints himself as a victim saying this was a vast conspiracy, kids, media, cops,
3:01 am
amazing even before the hearing in a few hours, he is defiant until the end. not a lot of remorse for the victims in the case, the kids. >> zilch. >> amazing. amazing here. much more in a second. first a look at some other stories we are following this half-hour. a surge big time for mitt romney. a new poll giving the republican candidate an edge over the president. one analyst says this is the first significant lead for romney this year. the wind is at his back for sure. after that horrible debate for the president last week. >> we see it could change on a dime. sure it will be different after the vp debates thursday. >> never doubt the power of those debates. especially with 70 million watching. >> a lot of eyeballs. this half-hour, michelle obama sitting down with "nightline's" cynthia mcfadden, talks politic ttz, motherhood and reveals what her most important role its. plus one of the most tear jerking scenes in movie history. but could the director have
3:02 am
actually gotten it wrong. a popular tv show discovers whether jack, yeah, leo dicaprio from "titanic" could have survived the sinking of the ship. came up in our newsroom meeting. folks had a theory jack could have made it. what won out, sense of drama or sense of physics and reality? and you know, we know how it ended. >> yeah, we do. >> but the guys in mythbusters did digging up, digging in, looking night. >> interesting. >> i never let go, paula. >> this is a bad time. do that later. >> awe serious news first. an unrepentant jerry sandusky prepares to learn his fate. >> the former penn state assistant coach will be sentenced today. before he goes before the judge, sandusky spoke out issuing a surprise statement from prison. wabc's lucy yang has the latest. >> reporter: if jerry sandusky is still hoping to be a role
3:03 am
model for young boys, those days are long gone. >> i would cherish the opportunity to become a candle for others as they have been a light for me. >> reporter: for three minutes the disgraced penn state assi assistant coach ranted against the world and his victims. >> a young man who was dramatic, a veteran accuser, and always sought attention started everything. >> reporter: blaming just about everyone except himself for his downfall. he was joined by a well-orchestrated effort of the media, civil attorneys and other accusers. they won. >> reporter: the 68-year-old was convicted in june of molesting ten boys during a 15-year stretch. there was so much evidence during the trial. so much raw pain. so many horrific details. but in his jail house statement, he refused to call himself a pedophile. instead, he sees in the mirror, a model husband. >> they could take away my life, they could make me out as a monster, they could treat me as
3:04 am
a monster but they can't take away my heart. en my heart i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. my wife has been my only sex partner and that was after marriage. our love continue thousands. >> reporter: as you can imagine sandusky's defiance is liketion ait on the wound of all of his victims, victim number five is scheduled to testify. >> i tried and i cared. then asked for the same. please realize all came to the second mile because of issues. some of those may remain. >> later, jerry sandusky will have to answer to 4 to. 45 counts of child sex abuse. he is expected to speak at the sentencing. lucy yang, abc news, new york. >> that hearing hours from now. as you heard in the piece, sandusky could speak and the victim. if he speaks, and says anything resembling the statement he just released. what a moment in court that will be. especially for the victims to have to sit there on that day and listen to him defy these
3:05 am
charges. >> his defense attorney said he was desperate basically to get to the stand. his biggest regret. he wasn't able to testify on his own behalf during the trial. but, sandusky and his victims will both have an opportunity to, to, to basically make the statement and then the judge is going to pass down the sentence. it is going to range anywhere from ten years to more than 400 years in prison from judge john cleland. >> practically speaking he is going to die in prison no matter what the sentence end up being. a statement for one of the lawyers for one of the victims the failure of mr. sandusky to show contrition is not unexpected but sad, unfortunate, he has maintained his defiance in the face of a mountain of evidence throughout this process. and more of that in the last few hours. shifting gears to political news. mitt romney campaigns in the midwest today with an extra bounce in his step. a new poll taken right after the debate shows romney swinging ahead of president obama, right now things stand at 49-45% in
3:06 am
vor of romney. his success is due in large part unsurprisingly to improvement among women. he and president obama are now tied in that key voting group. erasing the president's once considerable lead. and that, i mean, couple week as go, mid september he was up by 18 points. the president that gap gone. that's huge for the romney campaign. >> several pundits after the 47% comment said game over. he is toast. and you just see, what a matter of couple weeks can do. election is actually four weeks from today. he improved his status and pretty much everything from september from taxes, medicare, jobs, women. >> and the, the jobs including question who would handle the e kb e -- economy better. everyone's number one issue. sliding up in that arena that bodes very, very well. >> we have to wait to wednesday to get the true breadth, predebate, debate and numbers, post jobs report numbers to come
3:07 am
out. i think that will be fleshd out. >> some analysts say joe biden is feeling the heat. he need a strong debate. we'll see. romney took on foreign policy yesterday in a speech at virginia military institute. he blasted current u.s. policy in syria arguing we should partner with other countries to help on the rebels to defeat assad. romney said america much take a larger, stronger rolen global politics. >> our friend and allies across the globe don't want less american leadership. >> romney criticized the obama administration for failing to declare at take on the u.s. consulate in libya a terrorist attack. with his opponent surging in the polls, president obama is campaigning with new urgency. he told donors in san francisco it was time to get, quote, almost obsessive in their efforts to lobby friend and relatives in battleground states and he declared i very much intend to win this election.
3:08 am
our other big story of the week, deadly meningitis outbreak linked to a shipment of steroid is claiming more lives. now 105 confirmed cases stretching throughout the country in nine states. so far eight people have died. 13,000 more people may still be at risk. the steroid contaminated by a fungus were delivered to two dozen states. meningitis is not contagious, not contagious, those injected in the spine are most at risk. a bizarre insect eating contest in florida. by the time is all over the winner was dead. gobbled up dozens of giant roaches and worms at a deerfield park reptile store hoping to win a python. after he beat out contestants he started vomiting and then collapsed. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. >> they were giving away a really expensive snake. so, you know, people do what
3:09 am
they have to do i guess. it's a little -- not my cup of tea for sure. >> investigators are still awaiting the results of the autopsy. none of the other contestants became ill. the owner of the reptile store said they all had to seen a waiver. >> strangest story on the show in a while. unbelievable. philadelphia police have made one arrest and they say they expect more charges in the huge weekend wedding brawl that has now gone viral. a 26-year-old man, relative of the groom is charged with assault in the weekend fight between two wedding parties. all caught on tape by a hotel guest. the bride's uncle apparently was trying to get himself and other family members away from all that mayhem. died of a heart attack even more sadly died on what was his 57th birthday. also, a mother in dallas could get life in prison when sentenced to day for severely beating her 2-year-old daughter and even gluing her hands to the wall as a punishment over potty training.
3:10 am
23-year-old pleaded guilty over the summer. at a sentencing hearing monday a peed tre pediatrician said the injuries were the most shocking she had seen. passions running high in kansas city because of behavior of some at the chiefs game. cas concussion after getting hit during the fourth quarter. as cassel lay on the ground many chiefs' fans were cheering because he would be replaced by brady quinn. after the game, chiefs tackle, eric winston let the fans have a piece of his mind. >> i have already kind of come to the understanding i won't live as long because i play this game. that's okay. that's the choice i have made. that's the choice all of us has made. but when you cheer, when you cheer somebody getting knocked out, i don't care who it is -- it just so happened to be matt cassel it is sickening. >> even the baltimore ravens'
3:11 am
player who hit cassel called the fans' cheering not cool. likely to miss the next game at tampa bay sunday. the guys saying they're not gladiators. undefeated texans visiting the new york jets on monday night football. star of the show, texas running back, foster, rolled up 152 yard and a td. that means lots of fantasy football points by the way. someone is happy this morning. jets' last chance ended s eed s after it started when sanchez's pass was intercepted. texans stay undefeated on the year. they win 23-17. >> houston/atlanta undefeated. >> 5-0, already one of the best selling mobile games of all time. now the force is with them. >> "star wars", and creators have teamed up with lucas film. this version will feature bird versions of like sky walker, and
3:12 am
princess leah, and darth vader. ♪ >> nice ad. pretty cool. pretty good, guys. angry birds already had 1 billion, with a b, download. star wars edition will be available come november 8. sneaking suspicion it may actually do well. >> angry big bird what we need next. >> coming up, two people, one board, frozen atlantic ocean. mythbusters tackles the question could jack and rose have survived the sinking of the "titanic." >> speaking of cold. have you been outside this morning. a good part of the country, trading flip-flops, record heat to record cold, in record time. coming up. ♪ look around ♪ and the sky is a hazy shade of winter ♪
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>> announcer: "world news now" weather brut ought to you by lifestyle lift. follow the wings.
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welcome back, everybody. not quite winter just yet. let's not get ahead of ourselves. maybe you notice aid chill in the air. >> loving it. in some parts of the nation, the chill has come along with snow. abc's weather editor, sam champion says, the suddenly lower temperatures are going to be around for a while. >> reporter: after suffering
3:17 am
through the third hottest summer on record, a quick turnaround. a preseason blast of cold air bringing snow in early october. from the rockies to new england. in vermont, last week, tourists were enjoying fall foliage. today, the red and gold is blanketed with white. ushering in the snow, are record lows. half the country experiencing serious cold. 31 states plunge below freezing with 643 record low temperatures in the past week. in taylors falls, minnesota, the wild mountain ski area had its earliest opening ever. >> everything lined up just right. and cleared up last night. and it was dry. and the wind was perfect. and it just all worked out. >> reporter: for the first time in early october, temperatures have been low enough to make snow. what did you do last weekend? >> i was water skiing. >> reporter: water skiing. this weekend you are? >> snow boarding. >> reporter: is that kind of nuts in a week you can do that? >> yeah, pretty crazy.
3:18 am
>> reporter: and just two weeks ago in thiefs river, minnesota, residents were battling record heat and wildfires. and more than a foot of snow fell canceling schools and causing power outages. their first shelf of unusually cold air is not over yet. expect tuesday morning temperatures to again be below normal to denver to new orleans and become into new england. sam champion, abc news, new york. >> we'll be back. mm. mm-mm-. hey --
3:19 am
welcome back. four weeks from today we will be telling you it is election day believe it or not. maybe the people who want that day to come more than anyone, are the candidates' wives. >> "nightline" anchor cynthia mcfadden sat down with first lady michelle obama. >> reporter: her husband's not
3:20 am
so secret weapon crisscrossing the country over the last few weeks not to mention a slew of talk shows. >> he's funny. i'm funnier. >> reporter: and then there was her anniversary, not exactly the date of her dreams. she did get a hug. from ann romney. you know, i know that ann romney is playing for the other team. is there a certain sisterhood between women who are in this position? >> absolutely. and this is something that barack and i talk about. we have learned this over time. who ever makes this kind of sacrifice, they deserve a pat on the back, that's how this democracy works. >> reporter: outside the white house there is always lots of chatter about how much is the first lady influencing policy. how do you see your role in that regard? >> i rarely step foot in the west wing. in fact people are shocked when they see me there. >> reporter: the first lady has long said her most important role is mom in chief. and now, with a teenager.
3:21 am
i have a 14-year-old son. he has a question. it's hard enough to be 14 if your parents aren't the president and first lady if you don't live in the white house. how do you help her negotiate that treacherous territory of 14. >> we point out. look around. you want to see hardship. you want to see struggle. you don't have it, kid. so i think, giving her some perspective on what tough is. being 14, and, you know having the president as your father, is way down on the list of tough. >> final question. >> yes. >> what would you look that you don't have right now? >> oh, gosh. you know what, i am -- i feel so blessed and . blessed, content, i have a husband who loves me, and two kids who are healthy and happy. and i wouldn't ask for anything more. cynthia mcfadden, abc news, new york. >> the secret weapons. keep in mind.
3:22 am
cool day on gma, ann romney will be co-hosting the second hour. check that out for sure. >> well do. and surviving the titanic disaster. >> did jack really have to die off to end the movie? we will tell you when we come back. [ snoring ] [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] it's not for colds, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] because sleep is a beautiful thing. [ birds chirping ] introducing zzzquil, the non-habit forming sleep-aid from the makers of nyquil. ♪ promise full whitening results in two weeks or more. rembrandt® deeply white™ 2 hour whitening kit is proven to quickly remove surface stains and deep stains in just two hours. [ female announcer ] rembrandt® deeply white™: whiten in just 2 hours. and i've been the equipment manager for the new york giants for the past 35 years. and i've been using tide to fight the smells and stains of the game. because when i do the laundry... it's for a family of 53.
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♪ you are safe mine heart and my heart will go on ♪ >> i love that song. >> mm. i'm back. >> are you okay? >> finally this half-hour, it just didn't have to happen. it being what took place at the end of the movie titanic which you are going to see in a second. >> well a new re-enactment of that scene in the movie shows that nobody had to die -- it's okay. here's abc's david wright. >> so cold. >> reporter: spoiler alert, in case you are the one person on the planet who hasn't seen "titan "titanic." jack doesn't make it. he freezes to death in the icy atlantic so that rose can
3:26 am
survive. but was that as it had to be? hey, james. >> hey. >> on discovery channel, titanic director james cameron turned to the mythbusters for help. >> thousand of fans think i got it wrong, could have both been supported by the board and could have lived. >> reporter: the mythbusters tried it first in a bathtub with jack and rose dolls. then tried it for real in the open water. >> jack's first attempts to get aboard the board seem very similar to the movie. the board does appear to be made for one. sure enough persistence pays off when they came up with a tweak worthy of mcgyver. >> you are wearing a life jacket. let's put the underneath and get every bit. >> reporter: by latching the life preserver under the plank, jack and rose both would have
3:27 am
been high and dry. >> we are rescued. made it. >> reporter: you guys are missing the point. >> reporter: athe director points out some time the laws of drama trump the laws of physics. >> the script says jack dies. he has to die. >> reporter: the ending for this movie had to include some tragedy. david wright, abc news. >> rose is lucky i wasn't out there. i would let go. i'm gone. >> of her? >> bye-bye, got to find another. >> going to get on the raft and kick her off. >> look, love, you got to move on. look, see. >> you would have been like see you. pushed her. >> later, girl. sorry, life is tough. it's a jungle out there. plenty of fish in the sea. see you back at land, maybe. ha-ha. >> peace out. >> i've never noticed. >> slightly obvious. all right. well, our hearts and this show will go on. more from abc coming up next. don't go far -- it's so cold.
3:28 am
it's so cold.
3:29 am
3:30 am
thisning o this morning on orld news now" -- the numbers game. new polls paint a picture of a shifting presidential race with four weeks to go. >> both candidates will end up in all-important ohio later today. it is tuesday, october 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good tuesday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. we'll get to the latest polls and the battle in the buckeye state coming up in just a moment. also this half-hour, judgment day for jerry sandusky. we are hearing from the convicted child molester ahead of today's sentencing that could put him away for the rest of his life. he released this incredibly interesting statement. and again, not, no contrition,
3:31 am
no guilt, pointing fingers and saying, he denies it and it is all the result of a conspiracy against him. an amazing statement hours before he may get sentenced the rest of his life behind bars. >> he will go in front of the judge. some of the victims will go in front of the judge today. he faces anywhere from 10 years to 400 years. >> emotional day in court. hopefully some closure of some kind. then a free fall from the edge of space. the stage is set for one of the most daring feats in history today. a daredevil's 23-mile plunge from the stratosphere. it is going to take him 3 1/2 hours to get up there. just seconds to get down. >> amazing. talk about -- guts and courage and -- crazy. >> all of that rolled up in one. >> i don't get it. also, together again? well the signs all point to a kristen stewart/robert pattinson reunion. the latest on the rekindling love life coming of in "the skinny."
3:32 am
see, maybe real love has a second act after alleged infidelity. whatever. he found it in his heart to forgive her. >> worked it out. >> that could be cool. a happy ending for once. >> maybe could bring them closer. >> maybe. a new numbers game, four weeks before the election. four weeks from today. can you believe it? >> let's go. >> new poll after the debate, shows mitt romney bouncing up. he is now ahead 49% to 45% over the president. although the race does remain very close. with both candidates returning to a state critical for victory in november. abc's karen travers is joining us now with more. hey, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, paula. a month out from election day, yesterday wasn't the typical day on the campaign trail. mitt romney was focused on foreign policy and the president was asking for cash not votes. shifting his focus to foreign affairs, mitt romney launched a scathing attack on president obama's policies and leadership overseas. >> it's time to change course in the middle east. it's clear the risk of conflict
3:33 am
in the region is higher now than when the president took office. >> reporter: so far the economy has dominated the campaign debate. the romney campaign tried to seize on questions and criticisms about the president's handling of last month's attack in libya. it was also a chance to try to reverse the tide after some of romney's perceived missteps including initial response to the libya attack. the republican contender accused the president of passivity over partnership. >> i know the president hopes for a safer, freer, more prosperous middle east allied with us. i share this hope. but hope is not a strategy. >> reporter: the romney campaign was feeling good after his debate performance last week and there is evidence he got a bounce. the president was stumping for cash not votes. he continued his california fund-raising swing which is expected to bring in $10 million over two days. in between money events the president attended a dedication at caesar chavez national monument. >> our world is a better place
3:34 am
because caesar chavez decided to change it. >> reporter: with president obama and mitt romney in ohio the focus is likely to shift back to the economy. rob, paula, back to you. >> thanks a lot, karen. this thursday, it's the candidates for vice president who will meet face to face and our own martha raddatz will moderate the debate. abc will carry it live. all kicks off at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. they say, biden could be feeling the pressure. the president did so poorly. now pressure on joe's shoulders to come out there and kind of put, spark a fire that the president could not. also interesting, came out yesterday from our, pollster at "the washington post" is that the composition of the polls has changed a little bit. can explain some of shift in numbers. both in the gallup and pew poll, self-identified democrats, that number was higher in the predebate polls. self-identified republicans were up in the post-debate polls. the wind has been at romney's back. for sure. the composition changed and changed numbers as well.
3:35 am
>> i think, paul ryan's fourth debate since he has been in congress. definitely new to that game. joe biden has been around, 40-plus years in the senate. >> a long time. pressure on both. for sure. >> it will be high drama. one month after the deadly attack on the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans in benghazi we were learning more about security fears leading up to the assault. state department documents show the u.s. embassy in libya asked for a four-month extension for a 16-member security team and the team's commander tells abc news, that ambassador chris stevens wanted the security force to stay even longer, past august. but no request was actually received. in fact, a request for an extension past august, it was, never made even though it had been confirmed and it was granted. but they had never actually put that request through. but tragic, if indeed that request was never made. >> conditions in the country were worsening.
3:36 am
of course, 9/11 a vulnerable time for us here domestically and interests abroad. interesting too what congress looks into, in the house oversight and government reform committee will have hearings wednesday. at least two folks from the state department expected to testify. congress shining a spotlight on exactly how prepared or not prepared we were. >> just getting to the crime scene, turned out to be pretty difficult. took the fbi three weeks to reach the location and gather evidence from there. it's been about a month. i know the white house has promised to bring justice but hasn't spelled anything in particular out. so i think they're waiting for facts to roll in, which are rolling in very slowly at this point. >> slowly. >> look for that to play a role in foreign policy debate. coming up too. also we are hearing from an unrepentant jerry sandusky, a judge is expected to send him to prison for the rest of his life. sandusky released a defiant jailhouse statement to a penn
3:37 am
state radio station, declaring his innocence and blaming it on a conspiracy, by lying, accusers, investigators and the media. >> they can take away my life. they can make me out as a monster. they can treat me as a monster. they can't take away my heart. in my heart i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >> sandusky will be sentenced on 45 counts of child sex abuse. at least six of his victims plan to take the stand to ask the judge for the harshest possible punishment. >> well the death toll from the nationwide meningitis outbreak is going up this morning. there are now 105 confirmed cases in nine states. so far, at least eight people have died. also, 13,000 more people may still be at risk. the steroids contaminated by of a fungus were delivered to two dozen states. fungal meningitis, it is not contagious, but those injected in the spine to relieve back pain are most at risk. >> other news this morning, relief on the way for drivers in california. the sky-high gas prices are expected to fall soon.
3:38 am
some people were paying nearly $6 a gallon, believe it or not. the governor did order a switch to cheaper winter blend fuel. republican opponents say there should be one formula all year long. >> it is no lasting solution. aren't we looking for the long term, so for the next years, we are not going to be facing the gas prices. >> critics say the more expensive summer blend gas is needed to reduce smog. >> and gas is not the only thing costing more. this year's apple crop, the smallest in 26 years. extreme weather last spring, warm weather in march and chill in april caused apple blossoms come early and die suddenly. now it is pushing the prices of apple up $1 a pound. the price of apple juice up 20%. >> not good news, you have two little ones that like the aj. >> aj or oj? >> apple juice. >> never called it aj.
3:39 am
>> really? every day -- you learn something useful and important on the overnights. >> maybe like, once a week i learn something useful. there we go. >> that's more accurate. >> here is a look at your wx, your weather. cooler than normal, morning drizzle from boston to new york. thunderstorms around orlando, miami. a wintry mix, rob's favorite. in northern minnesota. and showers from des moines, green bay, moving into chicago, kansas city. >> 50s in the northeast. 60s in the midwest. 70s from albuquerque to boise. >> you know it is getting to be halloween time when we have stories like this, you are about to see. charlie brown, eat your heart out. >> he surely would love that massive pumpkin. set a california state record yesterday when the was weighed at a pumpkin festival. 1,775 pounds. that is a full 71 pounds more than last year's record weight. by the way, crops in the state of oregon, that's where the great pumpkin this year was grown.
3:40 am
all right, here is a bizarre one from sunday night over on qvc. they were pitching an android tablet from kids. when the guest host, cassie slain on left started having problems. you see her patting her chest. >> she appeared to faint. the co-host caught her and he also continued to talk about the product like nothing had happened. slain was apparently suffering from low blood sugar. but she is fine now. the weird part he kind of kept talking despite, you know -- her passing out. crazy. you know. >> i know that you would push me. >> i'd be there for you. i'm there for you. >> seriously did you hit your head? >> for the joke to work, you got to keep talking, paula. i didn't fall for nothing. oh. >> i can't help it i'm compassionate. >> for a lot of people -- a year's worth of toilet paper. >> hey, girl. >> now they're offering home furnishings.
3:41 am
>> those are my dirty socks. be careful now. >> stinky. >> the first man to plunge to earth at the speed of sound. when we come back. >> are you okay? >> oh, lord. ♪ can you take me higher >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. ♪ let's go there thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. call today to request a free decision guide to help you better understand what medicare is all about. and which aarp medicare supplement plan works best for you. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit
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♪ let's go there ♪ let's go there ♪ can you take me higher
3:45 am
>> oh, creed. >> mm. if everything goes as planned, a death-defying feat of courage will make it into the history books later today. >> felix baumgarten, the 43-year-old daredevil known as fearless felix is to free fall from space and hurl like an extreme human cannonball, no thank you, and head straight toward the new mexico desert. >> reporter: the plan, years in the making is simply astounding. felix baumgartner will try to make a supersonic stratospheric jump leaping from 23 miles high breaking the sound barrier at speeds 700 miles an hour. baumgartner, a former austrian paratrooper says he is ready for the extreme challenge. >> we practiced this for so many years. and now we are almost there. so this is my biggest dream. and we are one step closer and almost there. i feel good at the moment. >> reporter: along with his nerves of steel, the mission requires cutting edge kameequip,
3:46 am
he'll strap on a helmet, special suit and lift off from roswell in a 3,000-pound cable and a bag, balloon with 30 million cubic feet of helium, the skin thinner than a zip-lock baggy. stretching 55 stories high, it is so huge it would cover 40 acres if laid flat. the ride up to reach 120,000 feet will take close to three hours, and then with the sky black and the curve of earth in sight, the moment of truth. >> that one step forward is an important step. because you know you are coming home. you are going to back -- to a very healthy environment again. because you have been in a hostile environment for so many hours. >> reporter: the heart stopping return to earth could take 5:30 minutes. after years of skydiving, he promises this jump will be his
3:47 am
last. >> in more ways than one, maybe. >> yes. let's hope it doesn't end poorly. >> safe travels man. >> "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: abc's "world news now" will continue after this from our abc stations. the skinny" is
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ ♪ so skinny
3:49 am
>> hate to be the bearer of bad news here, start off "the skinny," kind of a long-term hollywood marriage unexpectedly headed toward splitsville. danny devito and rhea perlman, are done after 30 years of marriage. and danny devito, star of "taxi" and how many movies, rhea perlman starred as carla the feisty waitress on "cheers" many years ago. have decided after 30 years they're going their separate ways. devito's spokesman confirmed the split. but did not really say why. some speculation, crazy work schedules for something else. no real reasons why they're going their separate ways. kind of sad to hear that kind of news. you are used to marriages busting up, four, five, six years, normal in hollywood. 30, you think by that point you are in it to win it. >> they have been together, 10, 11 years prior. 40-plus years together. >> that's crazy. i don't get that. wish them well, whatever the reason was. maybe, maybe it's not really over. we'll see. wish them well that's for sure. >> from a breakup to a makeup. ♪ makeup
3:50 am
>> all you twihards are going to be excited, maybe. i don't know how you feel. robert pattinson, kristen stewart, according to "people" magazine, back together. not according to either. but sources, sources, say it is back on. broke up in july after her affair with rupert sanders director of "snow white and the huptsm huptsman -- huntsman." apparently they met up in los angeles. according to these "sources" and began spending more and more team together. he decided not to sell house they shared in l.a. together. they will make their first appearance together as part of -- well promoting the twilight saga "breaking dawn ii." >> maybe publicity minded. you never know. not to be too jaded. you never know. currently not physically together. he is in new york. she is in california hanging out with her dad. >> maybe, chris brown and rihanna, got their thing back together. looks like. they're maybe getting back together you. never know what way life will twist and turn.
3:51 am
>> uh-huh. >> also, jennifer lopez making headlines this morning as well. she is the executive producer of a new sitcom, called "the fosters" which airs on abc family. and basically centers around two women raising an ethnically diverse group of biological and adoptive children. the premise of the series has angered the very conservative family group, 1 million moms. we heard from them before the they take issue with the attempt, rather, to redefine marriage and family by having two moms raise these children together. they also slam hollywood for pushing an agenda that homosexuality is acceptable when scripture states it is a sin. they think abc family has lost its mind and anything but family friendly. hooray for compassion and tolerance as always from that family group. >> all right. "50 shades of grey," the movie is coming out. we know who -- the studio, the producers and now we know the screenwriter.
3:52 am
the screenwriter will be, kelly marcel on the right. who is she? she co-created terra nova. and a film with tom hanks in production. >> going to be rich too. >> yeah, going to have a lot of money. go out without my covergirl. are you crazy?
3:53 am
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new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. ♪ but only if i were ♪ a painter ♪ and cut paint a memory >> finally this half-hour, would you like a picasso, a monet, maybe a little van gogh with your massive package of paper towels. >> the 400 bundle. or how about a warhol with your pallet of bottled water? costco believe it or not is making pairings possible as abc's john muller shows us. >> reporter: it is famous for stretching the dollar from toilet paper to televisions, t-shirts to t-bones, costco is an american staple for staples. now the retailer known for deep discounts is selling fine art on
3:56 am
its website. >> costco sells just about anything. why not? >> reporter: a matisse lithograph for $1,049. andy warhol for more than $1,000. a lot of campbell soup cans. or to put ate nother way, 2,336 rolls of kirkland brand toilet paper. or 187 pounds of cashews. costco says it keeps the cost below those of most art galleries by charging no more than 14% markup on all retail items. business is booming. since the art was first listed two weeks ago. if you go online, you notice all the masterpieces are out of stock, sold out. >> i mean, i like costco, but for fine art, i would rather be in person. >> they're a big company. i would trust to buy fine art from them. >> reporter: the art work will join other luxury offerings, like jewelry and wedding dresses. believe it or not, fine art has been sold at lines before, sears sold through their catalog in the 1970s.
3:57 am
get this your warhol comes with a money back guarantee if you don't like it. that just might be better than 15 minutes of fame. john muller, abc news, new york. >> i may be the only person on the planet never been to a costco. but i think it's great they have that stuff there. >> wait, have you been to sam's? >> no. i grocery shop. i am not a club member. that makes me anti-american. >> you have a kid, you need diapers en masse. >> right. >> you go to costco, you can never get out of there without spending $500. go for two things end up with a cart full. >> same with wal-mart. get that been there. >> hot dog, soda. $1.50. one of the greatest buys on the planet. >> that's a good deal. like the sound of that. i don't buy anything in bulk enough to shop at those yo know what i mean. >> i apologize to you, paula. >> more from abc next. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing
3:58 am
insomniacs for two decades.
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